Our holiday cottages are located in an area which offers the visitor an abundance of holiday activities.
If you want a change from relaxing around your cottage and enjoying the peace and quiet you have many options to choose from.

There is fishing, canoeing, nature trails, swimming, skiing, ice-fishing, husky rides, horse riding, snow mobile safaris and down- hill skiing depending on the time of the year of course. All this within an half an hour from our cottages! Just ask us for all the details.

-the nearest city

However if you are feeling a bit less active and looking for some city life as a change from our countryside scenery and cottages you can always visit the city of Lahti. Lahti is just a 25km drive from us. It is a city of over 100000 inhabitants with excellent shopping, good restaurants, cinemas, concerts and some very interesting museums and sights.

Lahti is famous for winter sports and they actually have ski museum and some very high ski jumps for you to visit. The city is located at the shores of a very large lake so it has an attractive harbor area with where you can enjoy good food or take a cruise on the lake. Only 30min drive from our cottages!



►HORDE RIDING, about 20 km from the cottages:  AMR-TALLI