Terms and conditions of
Iso-Naappila holiday cottage rental

These terms and condition will be applied as soon as the customer has made a booking with us.

The person making the reservation must be over 18.

Important! We will not accept reservations for under age groups, stag nights etc.!


Booking and terms of payment

Once we receive a reservation the customer will be sent an invoice either by post or email. Any comments with regards to the invoice must be made within 7 days from the date of the invoice. When paying please use the reference number on the invoice. Omitting the payment is not the same as cancelling the reservation. We charge 5€ for invoicing.

For bookings during high-season a deposit of 200€ will be charged first if the date of the reservation is over 6 weeks from the date of arrival. The final amount will be invoiced 5 to 6 weeks prior to arrival to the cottage. All due dates will be agreed together with the customer.

If the reservation is made less than 21 days prior to arrival at the cottage, payment for the reservation will be requested in full, payable to an account stated on the confirmation reply. The customer should be able to present a proof of payment on arrival if so requested. For bookings made on the day of arrival payment for the entire reservation should be made at Iso-Naappila and in cash.



Cancellations are always requested in writing directly to Iso-Naapila.(Cancellation can be a letter or an email)
If the cancellation is made 28 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 200€ in high season and 50€ other times will be withheld by Iso-Naappila and the rest of the total rental sum will be returned to the customer.
If the cancellation is made less than 28 days prior to arrival the full rental sum will be charged.

If cancellation is made due to illness, sudden accident or death a full refund will be made except for a cancellation fee of 50€. The cancellation should be made as soon as possible along with a doctor’s certificate  or some other form of a document explaining the situation must be provided within 14 days of cancellation. The cancellation must be made prior to the start of the rental period.

If the customer changes the dates of their booking or the choice of their cottage it will be treated as a cancellation of the existing booking and as a new booking. If this cancellation is made less than 48 hrs prior to the start of the booking or during the stay at Iso-Naappila no refund will be made.


Cancellation by Iso-Naappila

In case of an unforeseen event, force majeure, or an event independent of Iso-Naappila (fire, water damage etc.) can Iso-Naappila cancel a reservation. In such case the customer will receive a full refund.

Iso-Naappila has the right to cancel a reservation if payments have not been received according to agreed dates.


Cottage Keys

The Key to your holiday cottage is kept in a safety box attached to the cottage wall. Instructions here! The code for the key safety box will only be given to the customer who has made the holiday cottage reservation.

Iso-Naappila has the right to claim the costs occurred from a lost key from the customer. The key should be kept in the safety box at all times and also left in the box at the time of departure.

This system for the keys has been developed with our customers in mind. It really makes it very easy for our customers to arrive and depart according to their schedules.
As it is best to keep the key in the safety box at all times it is a good idea to store the 4 digit security code in your mobile phone.

If however the customer mislays the key or leaves it inside the cottage and we have to come and open the door we charge 50€ between 18.00 - 8.00 o´clock. Other times opening is free.


Staying at Iso-Naappila

If the holiday cottage has been booked for a week the arrival time is 4pm and departure is by 12am. For weekend bookings the holiday cottage is available from 4pm on Friday to 10pm on Sunday evening. The use of a rowing boat is included in the cottage rental during summer time. Each cottage has a rowing boat and this is indicated by matching numbers on the rowing boat and cottage.

The rental price of the holiday cottage includes furniture, cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery etc. Also mattresses, blankets and pillows are included.

However bed linen such as sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are not included in the rental price, but can be rented from Iso-Naappila ( 13 €/person).

The customer is responsible for the cleaning of the cottage during the stay and on the day of the departure unless otherwise agreed. If the holiday cottage has not been properly cleaned at the time of departure has Iso-Naappila the right to charge the customer minimum 150€. This cost is dependent on the size of the cottage and the time required to clean the cottage.

The maximum number of residents in the cottage cannot exceed the number of beds described in the cottage description or what has been agreed in the written reservation confirmation. We charge 20€ for extra beds. (The price includes a mattress, blanket and a pillow.)


NO pets allowed!

Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors! If we find that the customer has smoked inside the holiday cottage we will charge for cleaning.

Loud music or any other disrupting behaviour at the holiday cottages or our main house is forbidden during 10pm and 8am.



The customer is liable for any damages to the cottage or any property inside it payable directly to Iso-Naappila.


Cancellation of holiday cottage rental due to disruption or disturbance

Loud music, and / or other disrupting or dangerous behaviour is not allowed on the terrace of the cottage or in the surrounding area. If the customer continues with disturbing or dangerous behaviour in spite of the owner’s notification, can the rental agreement be cancelled immediately. Any costs will be charged from the customer.



All complaints related to the holiday cottages or main house must be brought to the attention of Iso-Naappila owner or staff as soon as possible during the stay at Iso-Naappila.

Tel:+ 358 400 711 208.

* We reserve the right to changes

* VAT is effective according to current Finnish legislation.